WordPress maintenance: what it means and why it’s necessary

Looking for an ongoing WordPress maintenance package that assures your website remains in peak condition at all times? Look no further! When updates are neglected, websites become vulnerable. Website maintenance prevents security vulnerabilities, increased page loading time, poor user experience, declining search engine rankings and other types of malfunctions.

*Standard support and updates to content are usually limited to tasks under 15 minutes and total 1h maximum per month. Pro tech support and updates to content are usually tasks 30 min or more and total 2 hours maximum per month. Overages on time will be billed monthly at our hourly rate.

As a part of our Pro maintenance plan, you can also submit a consulting request in addition to tech support. Whether you have questions about creating a new contact form or adding a new page to your navigation, we can provide your business with a helpful perspective. Tasks like adding new images, deleting page copy, or modifying a link are usually requested by clients. Maintenance plans don’t include: site redesign, content writing, new functionalities, new page designs, interactive features, SEO, graphic design.

Each package is dedicated per website. If you own multiple websites that need monthly WordPress maintenance, take advantage of our 10% discount!